Post rocker Simon Walther, is back with new, avant-garde music. The album "Byen Brenner" is an emerging gem with an extremely exciting sound, with new details to discover every time you listen to it.

Together with his Swedish squire, Anders Eckeborn, who has been involved from the songwriting stage, the duo put a lot of energy on everything from making creative arrangements to the recording sessions.

It is noticeable that the music has got plenty of time to emerge, with neither musical framework and rules or any time pressure, which otherwise may stifle the creativity.

Unlike the debut album "Leave The Sinking Ship Behind" from 2012, all music has been recorded in a Stockholm studio with Swedish producer Ludwig Schöllin, who has given the music a fair production.

The songs are basically simpler and more structured than before, but still has a preserved playfulness, greater dynamism and a sound which arouses great curiosity.

Organs are replaced with synthesizers, Simon has transferred the guitar playing to Anders and plays banjo on all songs. But the biggest, most obvious difference is that Simon has chosen to sing entirely in Norwegian. He feels comfortable in his native language and the lyrics feels closer to heart, and more personal.

It feels like Simon Walther has found home.

Leave The Sinking Ship Behind

After several years of musical inactivity, it is finally time for Norwegian guitarist/vocalist, Simon Walther, to break the silence. And he surely breaks the silence with this loud solo-album entitled "Leave The Sinking Ship Behind". The music explores a world of post-rock character with rolling, dreamy soundscapes where beautiful melodies meet rattling drums and skillfully played guitars. Simon shares lead vocals with his wife, Martina. This album is dominated by rock, but now and then you can feel a breeze of country-music, which reminds a bit of bands like Wovenhand.

"Simply a brilliant album"
Noizegate Music, Sweden

"A brilliant debut album... Definitely a welcome surprise"
Fredrikstad Blad, Norway

"Rolls like a ship on the waves"
MusikJournalen, Sweden

"A fantastic sound", Norway

"Sensational debut album"
Vårt Land, Norway

"An enjoyable debut"
IKON1931, Sweden


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